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Uni caenis 200 yrd spoelen

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UNI introduceerd de dunste binddraad die bestaat. 200 yrd spoelen verkrijgbaar in zwart of wit

UNI Products Introduces UNI-Caenis

For fly tiers that believe hook sizes start at #20, UNI Products announces the release of UNI-Caenis. Caenis is a 20-denier, single strand, nylon thread. For comparison, the world-celebrated 8/0 UNI-Thread is a 72-denier polyester thread. To visualize this in flytying terms, it takes approximately 300 turns of UNI-Caenis to cover one inch of the hook shank versus some 180 for our 8/0. In order to provide fly tiers with the most accurate information, UNI Products decided to size UNI-Caenis with the scientific Denier system rather than the non-standardized, and sometimes abused, “ought” designations.
Although obviously relative, Caenis is quite strong. For example, when the spool is mounted in a typical open-frame bobbin with the tension set for larger threads, Caenis pulls-off the spool without breakage while tying. A unique and important feature is that Caenis is available in both white and black, a choice dressers of miniscule midges have long desired.