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Tarpon/ Tarpon QuickShooter

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The perfect line for anglers targeting tarpon and other large tropical species.

    RIO's tarpon lines feature short, powerful front tapers to easily cast large flies, and are heavy enough to load modern, powerful fly rods. The Tarpon floating lines built on a medium stiff core, and has a hard, tropical coating. Welded loops on both ends of the line allow anglers to rig easily.
  • Loads powerful saltwater rods at close range
  • Tropical core with a hard, saltwater coating
  • AgentX and XS technologies for the ultimate in performance
  • Welded loops on both ends for fast rigging
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SKULine SizeColorSink Rate30ft Head WtFull Head WtHead LengthTotal Length

6-20348 WF10F Seagrass / Sand Float 316gr / 20.5gm 385gr / 24.9gm 40ft / 12.2m 100ft / 30.5m

6-20349 WF11F Seagrass / Sand Float 367gr / 23.8gm 430gr / 27.9gm 41ft / 12.5m 100ft / 30.5m

6-20350 WF12F Seagrass / Sand Float 428gr / 27.7gm 510gr / 33gm 41ft / 12.5m 100ft / 30.5m
Tarpon QuickShooter

A very easy casting, tropical fly line designed for the tarpon angler

    RIO’s Tarpon QuickShooter lines have been specifically designed for tarpon and other tropical species. Every line features a powerful front taper that casts large flies, or punches into tough winds with ease.
  • Short, powerful head that is very easy to cast – ideal for novice tarpon anglers
  • Heavier than standard tarpon lines to easily load modern saltwater rods
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SKULine SizeColorFull Head WtHead LengthSink RateTotal Length
6-20468 WF10F Sea Grass / Sand 375gr / 24.3gm 30ft / 9.1m Float 100ft / 30.5m

6-20469 WF11F Sea Grass / Sand 425gr / 27.5gm 30ft / 9.1m Float 100ft / 30.5m

6-20470 WF12F Sea Grass / Sand 465gr / 30.1gm 30ft / 9.1m Float 100ft / 30.5m