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Snowbee telescopische landingsnetten

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Snowbee Telescopic/Folding Landing Nets

Offers a net and size range for all types of fishing. The smallest model (15010) makes an ideal River Trout Net, especially when teamed up with its Landing Net Bag, whilst the 15200 model, will handle the largest "stockie" any Stillwater has to offer. The nets are made to a unique design and utilise the latest top-grade materials. Specification: Black anodised Aluminium handles with rubber hand grip Simple 'twist-lock' mechanism, allows the handle to be locked at any required length

Sturdy Stainless Steel belt-clip Die Cast aluminium alloy mechanism, for strength and long life Glass-fibre frame arms to avoid 'net-sag' Genuine 'one-hand operation' Dark Green, 3/4" mesh knotless nylon net for minimum fish damage

37300 Snowbee 51" (130cm) lang, 22"(55cm)  opgeklapt, frame 16x18"( 40x45 cm), net 28"(70cm) diep

37302 Snowbee 70" (180cm) lang, 29"(73cm)  opgeklapt, frame 20x22"( 50x55 cm), net 36"(90cm) diep  

37304 Snowbee 79" (200cm) lang, 31"(78cm)  opgeklapt, frame 24x25"( 60x63 cm), net 36" (90cm) diep