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Snowbee prestige vliegenhengels

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Snowbee Prestige Flyrods
The new 4-piece Prestige travel rods represent the top of the range for Snowbee and with so many destinations now being visited and fished with the fly, we decided it was high time we produced a rod range suitable for the Snowbee travelling fly fisher. In designing the new Snowbee rods the specification was simple, build the best quality rods we could, making no compromise on any of the materials or design requirements and going better than the Diamond Series by adding the expertise of a top designer like Steve Harrison to help us achieve our stretched objectives.

The use of the very latest and lightest 50T carbon blanks, provides an unbelievably light, effortless, crisp action. Tip recovery is almost instantaneous allowing precision casting with the finest of leaders. Powerful butt sections provide huge reserves of power for distance casting and taming the hardest fighting fish. At 6-pieces, the travel rods are still very lightweight and smuggle into the smallest suitcase or travel bag, so that no destination need be visited without one to hand.

In common with the original Prestige fly rods, this new range has a deep, rich Burgundy colour blank, with subtle matching whippings. Fitted with top quality PacBay nickel silver reel seats with genuine Cocobolo wood inserts, these quality rods more than live up to their ‘Prestige’ name.

Each rod comes in a deep claret, blended cotton drill rod bag and then for total protection when travelling, a quality, lightweight aluminium tube. The matt burgundy finish is complemented by the satin gold anodised end caps and screen printed in matching gold to complete the Prestige finish. You won’t buy better….and furthermore the addition of the Snowbee Lifetime Guarantee provides peace of mind at all times.

The features for all Prestige Fly rods include:

4-piece ultra lightweight 50T carbon blanks
Fast action with high lift snakes for extreme distance casting
Deep burgundy finish with matching whippings
Nickel Silver reel seat with Cocobolo wood inserts Blended cotton drill rod bag Aluminium rod tube
Snowbee Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee


10142 Prestige 10ft 6in #3 - 10143 Prestige 11ft #3
The stunning Prestige range is further expanded for 2015, with the addition of two new light-line dry fly and nymph rods. Aimed squarely at the ‘light line’ specialist who has come to appreciate the sport to be had ‘fishing light’. Originally developed in Eastern Europe for their styles of nymph fishing, these longer, lighter rods have become increasingly popular for dry-fly river fishing where their softer, forgiving action will not ‘shake’ fish off. Fitted with the European style tapered handle, with burl wood collar – ideal for Czech nymph style fishing. These two rods can provide a stunning performance when teamed up with the new Thistledown or Nymph lines in particular, depending upon the style of fishing required.
We are also seeing a new trend in Loch style reservoir boat fishing, where the more progressive anglers are fishing ‘longer and lighter’ and finding they are not only catching more fish, through not ‘spooking’ them and having no line resistance on the water for the fish to feel upon the take, but also having a lot more fun doing it!  

4 delige hengels


10130 Prestige Fly Rod 8’ (2.40 m) aftma #4 4 delen 

 10132 Prestige Fly Rod 9’ ( 2.70 m) aftma#4 4 delen 

10133 Prestige Fly Rod 9’ ( 2.70 m) aftma#5 4 delen 
10134 Prestige Fly Rod 9’ ( 2.70 m) aftma#6 4 delen 
10135 Prestige Fly Rod 9’6" ( 2.85 m) aftma#3 4 delen 
10137 Prestige Fly Rod 9’6" ( 2.85 m) aftma#7 4 delen 
10151 Prestige Fly Rod 10' ( 3.05 m) aftma#2  4 delen 

10138 Prestige Fly Rod 10’ ( 3.05m)  aftma#3 4 delen 
10139 Prestige Fly Rod 10’ ( 3.05 m) aftma#4 4 delen
10140 Prestige Fly Rod 10' ( 3.05 m) aftma#5 4 delen

10149 Prestige Fly Rod 10' ( 3.05 m) aftma#6 4 delen

10141 Prestige Fly Rod 10' ( 3.05 m) aftma#7 4 delen

10142 Prestige Fly Rod 10'6" ( 3.18 m aftma #3 4 delen  (NIEUW)

10143 Prestige Fly Rod 11' ( 3.35 m) aftma # 3 delen  (NIEUW)

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