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Senyo's Laser Dub

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Senyo's Laser Dub
A unique custom mix that we have developed along with fly designer Greg Senyo. It can be used as wings, collars, dubbed bodies or veiled-wool style heads. It is a mix of Ice Dub and 1-1/2" acrylic staple fiber. A must for Salmon, Steelhead and saltwater patterns,

Colors: Black - Fluor Blue - Fluor Chartreuse - Fluor Fucia - Fluor Hot Orange - Grey - Hot Pink - Light Olive- Pale Pink - Purple - Red - Shrimp Pink - White - Yellow

Senyo's Laser Dub is an incredible material for dubbing salmon flies, steelhead flies, trout flies, sculpin and muddler heads as well as a huge range of streamer patterns.

Senyo's laser dub is a dubbing material we find a completely understandable essential in our dubbing supplies especially if we want hot buggy colors and textures. Senyo's laser Dub is among the most easy to work with dubbing supplies for salmon flies, steelhead fly patterns, Great Lakes fly fishing, and streamer fly fishing too.

Give your lake leeches a make over with Senyo's Laser dub. Give even your larger scuds a shot of this material. We spin it on loose, fold it on a waxed thread, and make tight ropes with the not so silly material. Senyo's Laser Dub has subtle color hues in each basic color so the

Alaska? Alaska fly fishing was waiting decades for the development of Senyo's laser Dub. This dubbing material is available in the hottest steelhead and salmon attracting colors that Alaska fishing is known for, or should we say notorious for? Egg and flesh eating trout will find some colors of Senyo's Laser dub most tasty. Sculpin patterns will be gobbled up with gusto. Even mouse patterns will find the right dubbing colors in Senyo's dubbing color palate.

Are you specializing in steelhead or king salmon Intruder flies or tube flies? Senyo's laser Dub is an excellent material for butts and heads as well as basic bodies on these popular and effective flies.

We invite you to get some of this fine dubbing material, or, if you already have this material, to try new colors of update your supply of this great dubbing now!