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Scharen Renomed

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Scharen  Renomed

De schaar voor je leven

Artikel Totaal lengte   Bladmaat    Soort blad      Vorm Punt
Small Straight 9 cm 1,5 cm Razor recht spits
Small Curved 9 cm 1,5 cm Razor gebogen   


Medium Straight 11cm 2 cm Razor recht


Medium Curved 11 cm 2 cm Razor gebogen spits
Large Straight 15 cm 4 cm Razor recht spits
Large Curved 15 cm 4 cm Razor gebogen spits
Large Micro kartel 15 cm 4 cm micro kartel recht stomp

Originally designed and produced since 1981, precise scissors from high quality stainless steel, tempered and manually sharpened.

Renomed company is a family business registered by Marek Ruciński in 1981 as a sole trader. In April 1982 we started to produce unique scissors by author conception and design notified in the Patent Office in Poland. For more than 30 years we have developed many different models of Renomed scissors in order to satisfy demand of our customers in many countries all over the world. Our main export markets are: Switzerland,(Marc Petitjean) Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Japan(C&F) and USA.
High quality stainless steel used for the production and high qualified craftsmen guarantee best product for the different purposes. Each production piece is handcrafted and controlled carefully to meet the customers expectations. Due to special sharpening technology and big experience our scissors stay sharp for very long time. Renomed scissors are made of high quality stainless steel and are marked with CE sign.

The blade grabs the tying material well and cut like a razor.
A great scissors for tying deer hair flies like Goddard Sedge and also for making a perfect streamers like Muddler Minnow etc.