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Multi Cards Ice Chenille

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Multi Cards Ice Chenille  
Holo UV Chenille, Holo Long Hair UV Chenille, Straggle Chenille & Easy Dub Micro Chenille.  
MCI11 - 6mm Ice Chenille
5 Popular colours Fine Translucent Chenille: Red- Yellow - Olive- Brown - Black

MCI12 - 10mm Ice Chenille
5 popular colours Medium Translucent Chenille: Red- Yellow - Olive - Brown - Black

MCH13 - Holographic UV Chenille (Not Pictured)
5 Blends of holo/UV Fibres:  

MCH14 - Long Haired Holographic UV Chenille
4 colours of this ever more popular chenille, suitable for saltwater ank pike flies

MCS15 - Stragle chenille
4 colours of the greatest thing since the last greatest thing!: Pink - Olive - Brown - Black 

MCE16 - Easy Dub Micro chenille
6 Colours of this popular chenille: Yellow - Light Olive - Orange - red - Brown - Black
Product Options  
Card: MCI11 - 6mm Ice Chenille
Card: MCI12 - 10mm Ice Chenille
Card: MCH13 - 10mm Holo/UV Chenille
Card: MCH14 - 40mm Holo/UV Chenille
Card: MCS15 - 30mm Straggle Chenille
Card: MCE16 - Easy dub micro chenille