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Montana Fly Wingcutters

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Montana Fly Wingcutters

Wingcutters met rubber path

Wing cutters are designed to provide all Fly Tiers, from beginners to professionals, an easy, cost effective way to create perfectly uniform wings and bodies. These hand-made, precision-crafted tools are razor sharp, so be careful and use with care. The Stonefly complete set comes with six cutters from size 2-12. Included in the set is a rubber cut pad to place under the wing material to be cut. The pad will significantly increase the cleanness of your cut, as well as ensure a long life to the cutting blades. Use: While holding the handle of the tool with one hand, apply pressure with palm of your other hand and gently rock back and forth slightly. It's easy to make perfect wings.

A- Stonefly Wingcutter maat # 10

B- Caddis Wingcutter maat # 12

C- Mayfly Wingcutter maat # 12 

D- Mayfly Wingcutter maat # 14