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Hanak 4 in 1 Alpen Nymph

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Hanak 4 in 1 Alpen Nymph

A serie of rods designed for the increasingly popular fly fishing in alpine conditions - Slovenia, Austria and Italy. Crystal clear rivers with a shy wild fish in the upper river parts in combination with intensive fllting fisheries in lower parts of the rivers with trophy-sized rainbow trout.

Basic length Alpen Nymph four piece rod is 290 cm long, but with 2 adapters can be extended to 305 cm or 320 cm, or even to a maximum of 335 cm. The rods are supplied with cloth cover, hard tube and 2 extensions.

Available in 3 models:

  • A: AFTMA 3 – weight 95 g, a very light rod allows the use of thin leader tippet for small dry flies or nymphs.
  • B: AFTMA 4 – weight 99 g, is universal gentle and powerful fly fishing rod.
  • C: AFTMA 5 – weight 105 g, is super powerful rod for extra long casts can play any trophy fish .



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