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Deep blue saltwater tarpon leaders

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Deep Blue Saltwater tarpon leaders
Deep Blue Stiff Butt - Supple Tip salt water tapered leaders are made using GAMMA’s exclusive process creating leaders having heavy, stiffer butt sections for more powerful turnover to lay out even the largest salt water flies, and ultra supple, shock resistant tippet sections having superior knotting characteristics, incredible toughness, and extraordinary fighting capabilities. From delivery and presentation to landing and releasing, Deep Blue salt water tapered leaders will outperform all others.

16 Lbs Bite section diameter  85/00 - Butt diameter 70/00 - Class 16 Lbs - Class section 17,6Lb (8 kg.)
20 Lbs Bite section diameter  85/00 - Butt diameter 70/00 - Calss  20 Lb -  Class section 22 Lb (10 kg)