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Boss Extreme BX2 Series 2 Twin-Speed reels

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Boss Extreme BX2 Series 2 Twin-Speed reels (Levertijd 14 dagen)

2015 sees the return of an old favourite, the BX2 Boss Extreme 2-Speed, but with new, improved features.
A new oversize, stainless steel, anti-reverse bearing, provides instant drag engagement when a fish takes.
As any boat angler knows, there are times when a low ratio reel is an advantage, such as trying to coax a monster Conger or Ling out of a wreck, but also times when a high speed retrieve can be an advantage when Speed Jigging, or when the Skipper shouts ‘everyone up’, ready for the next drift.
The new Boss BX2 Series 2 Twin-Speed reels give you the best of best worlds. Based on the single speed Boss Extreme range, a simple push button on the end of the handle shaft, effortlessly switches between high and low ratio.
BX2 Boss Extreme 2-Speed Reel
Special Edition models
For 2015 all Boss Extreme BX and BX2 models are available in a Blue/Silver ‘Special Edition’ anodized finish. Customise your reel for only an additional € 40.00
Accurate BX range Special Edition
BX2-400N Ratio-6:1 & 3:1 Capacity-40lb Braid / 400Yards
BX2-400 Ratio-6:1 & 3:1 Capacity-50lb Braid / 550Yards
BX2-500N Ratio-6:1 & 3:1 Capacity-50lb Braid / 425Yards
BX2-500 Ratio-6:1 & 3:1 Capacity-50lb Braid / 650Yards
BX2-600N Ratio-5:1 & 2.2:1 Capacity-65lb Braid / 500Yards
BX2-600 Ratio-5:1 & 2.2:1 Capacity-65lb Braid / 630Yards
BX2-30N Ratio-5:1 & 2.2:1 Capacity-80lb Braid / 400Yards
BX2-30 Ratio-5:1 & 2.2:1 Capacity-80lb Braid / 500Yards