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Accurate Boss Extreme Reels

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Accurate Boss Extreme Reels (Levertijd 2 weken)
Available in 3 basic models but with options of low or high gear ratios and standard or narrow width spools The new, improved 2015 models come with Accurate’s new AccuSpin system – a sleeved spool, providing even smoother ‘free-spool’ facility All models are fitted with 7 x Class 5 ABEC stainless steel bearings and stainless steel gears for total corrosion resistance Specialist narrow spool, high gear ratio models are designed specifically for the growing sport of Vertical Speed Jigging.
Handle Options..
Please note, ALL Accurate single speed BX models, plus 2-speed BX2 models in sizes 400 & 500 come with the round ‘golf ball’ handles, as standard. Only the BX2 600 models and above, come with the blue ‘Extreme’ handle. Other handle options are available ‘to order’ only.

Special Edition models
For 2015 all Boss Extreme BX and BX2 models are available in a Blue/Silver ‘Special Edition’ anodized finish. Treat yourself to a Customised SE version for an additional € 40.00
Accurate BX range Special Edition
BX-400N Boss Extreme 400 Narrow: (Equivalent to the old Boss Magnum 197)
The baby of the range the Boss 400N is perfect for inshore work & teamed up with our Deep Blue 8lb class rod makes a superb, balanced, lightweight outfit for Bass, Bream etc.
Boss E-Series 400 Narrow
BX-400 Boss Extreme 400: (Equivalent to the old Boss Magnum 270)
The ideal ‘all-rounder’ the Boss Extreme 400 can be used inshore on 8lb class rods, but has enough power to cope with 20lb class wreck fishing.
Boss E-Series 400
BX-500 Boss Extreme 500: (Equivalent to the old Boss Magnum 870)
The next size up, the Boss Extreme 500 is an ideal wreck fishing reel but is still light enough for reef fishing & powerful enough for heavy offshore work. The high speed, narrow version - BX-500XN – is the ideal Speed Jigging reel.
Boss E-Series 500
BX-600 Boss Extreme 600: (Equivalent to the old Boss Magnum 665)
The Boss Extreme 600 has huge line capacity, using super braid, such as Tuf-Line XP and a drag system to take on the largest species you are likely to encounter in British waters. Ideal for sharking or mid-channel wreck fishing for monster Conger.
Boss E-Series 600
BX-400XN Ratio-6: 1 Capacity-40lb Braid / 400Yards
BX-400 Ratio-4: 1 Capacity-50lb Braid / 550Yards
BX-400X Ratio-6: 1 Capacity-50lb Braid / 550Yards
BX-500XN Ratio-6: 1 Capacity-50lb Braid / 425Yards
BX-500 Ratio-4: 1 Capacity-50lb Braid / 650Yards
BX-500X Ratio-6: 1 Capacity-50lb Braid / 650Yards
BX-600 Ratio-4: 1 Capacity-65lb Braid / 630Yards
BX-600X Ratio-6: 1 Capacity-65lb Braid / 630Yards