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Sufix Matrix Pro colour metered braid

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Sufix Matrix Pro colour metered braid

With most braided fishing line you have to guess how far and how deep your line goes. Not so with Matrix Pro Colour Metred Braid. Sufix Matrix Pro Colour Metred Braid features advanced multicolour dying technology, making it easy to recognise how deep and how far the line is based on the different colour bands. While Sufix Matrix Pro Colour Metred Braid brings precision and accuracy to your fishing, it also has all the attributes of a high performance braid. With the use of 100% Dyneema fibres the line achieves the highest strength with near zero stretch. The exclusive Matrix braid process creates a rounder line which performs much better than traditional flat braids.


Item code Diameter Length Breaking strength Colour

TP25012MU 0,12mm 250m 10lb / 4,5kg Multi colour
SUFMATP25014MU 0,14mm 250m 12lb / 5,4kg Multi colour
SUFMATP25016MU 0,16mm 250m 15lb / 6,8kg Multi colour
SUFMATP25018MU 0,18mm 250m 20lb / 9,1kg Multi colour
SUFMATP25020MU 0,20mm 250m 25lb / 11,4kg Multi colour
SUFMATP25023MU 0,23mm 250m 30lb / 13,6kg Multi colour
SUFMATP25027MU 0,27mm 250m 35lb / 15,9kg Multi colour
SUFMATP25030MU 0,30mm 250m 40lb / 18,2kg Multi colour
SUFMATP25034MU 0,34mm 250m 50lb / 22,7kg Multi colour 

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